Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, South Asia.

For over a decade the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards has brought together top student entrepreneurs in competition and friendship, to learn and grow as business leaders. Produced by the Entrepreneurs (EO), the program fits into a larger global picture of promoting and increasing participation in entrepreneurship around the globe. This is achieved by supporting business owners at all levels of the entrepreneurial continuum, from ideation, to development and growth, and eventually to mentoring younger entrepreneurs.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) program is the premier award for the students that run and own their businesses while attending a high school, college or university. Student entrepreneurs compete through local, regional or virtual competitions to win their shot at going head to head against the best student entrepreneurs in the world at the Global Finals.

To inspire the high school, undergraduate and graduate students to adopt entrepreneurial endeavors by bringing global visibility to the student business owners whose companies are innovative, profitable, socially responsible and adhere to high ethical standards. Students who have owned and operated a business for at least six months are eligible to be nominated to compete for the title of Global Student Entrepreneur Awards International Champion.

Going head to head with other business owners and answering tough questions about their business to our judge’s helps competitors improve their pitch skills and enhance their ability to communicate the value proposition of their business. The Global Finals competition awards a US$10,000 cash prize, plus tens of thousands in business products and services donated by EO members, including Web services, printing, PR, consulting and more! The competitors will receive local and national media attention for themselves and their business

GSEA South Asia aims at bringing in top student entrepreneurs in competition and grow as business leaders. GSEA 2012 was a huge success, we had 4 winners from South Asia representing GSEA Globals...     Mr Mandar Tulankar (Zero Point Energy Pvt Ltd)  represnting India at GSEA globals' 2012 won " INNOVATION AWARDS". In 2013 the winners representing India were Trina Das (B Genius), Ankit Prasad (Touch, Amritanshu Anand (Betaglide) and Sachin and Trina das made it to the finale round.

Expected dates - ZONAL FINAL's INDIA 

INDIA East (Kolkata) - September